Humantay lake Plus Salkantay Pass

2 Days

Humantay lake plus the Salkantay pass hike for 2 days, Explorers the mesmerizing landscape surrounding Cusco’s second-highest peak in Peru, at an elevation of 6,275 meters. Experience awe-inspiring mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, and lagoons with visits to the stunning Humantay and Salkantay Lagoons.


This adventure tour is perfect for those who have already visited Machu Picchu and wish to delve further into the captivating Andean mountains. As operators of the Salkantay Trek, we offer an opportunity to experience the trail’s beauty in just two days. All you need are a few personal items, and we will provide the rest. Spend a night at our exclusive, private Quiswarniyoc campsite, surrounded by natural wonders and Relax in our one-of-a-kind Crystal Igloos, offering a truly exceptional and immersive lodging experience amid the stunning natural surroundings.


  • Visit the breathtaking Humantay Lake, renowned for its vibrant turquoise waters.
  • Conquer the magnificent Salkantay Pass, offering unparalleled views of the surrounding Andean landscapes.
  • Experience a unique stay in our Crystal Igloos, offering a serene and immersive lodging experience amid the stunning natural beauty.


After picking up everyone from their respective hotels, we depart from Cusco around 5:15 am, driving for 2 hours to the town of Mollepata. Once there, we stop for a delicious breakfast and pay a 10 soles entrance fee to the local municipality. We continue by car for another hour to Soraypampa, where we meet the muleteers and horses that will carry our luggage, food, and each hiker’s 7 kilos of personal belongings provided in duffle bags.

We start the 2-hour uphill hike to Humantay Lake. Upon arrival, you’ll have ample time to explore, take photos, and listen to the guide’s explanation about the significance of Humantay Lake. After spending a couple of hours at the lake, we descend for 2 hours to the exclusive Quiswarniyoc Camp, where a wholesome lunch awaits.

Following lunch, you have free time to explore the stunning area. If you desire more hiking, you can ascend to the Salkantay Mirador for a panoramic view of the entire region. If you prefer to rest, relax in the Crystal Igloos, which are cabins featuring glass doors, pillows, sleeping pads, and nighttime illumination.

Quiswarniyoc Private Camp, located at 4,000 meters, is an exclusive campsite offering short hiking trails, mountain views, and waterfalls. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and even take pictures with the llamas that inhabit the camp.

The second day of the trek is more challenging, as it takes you to the highest point of the entire Salkantay trail, offering fantastic mountain views and a visit to Salkantay Lake.

At around 5:00 am, the cooks will wake you with a cup of hot coca tea, giving you time to repack and prepare for a nutritious breakfast served at around 5:45 am. Afterward, it’s time to begin the ascent to the highest point of the Salkantay trail, which stands at 4,630 meters. The uphill hike takes approximately 3 to 4 hours at a steady, slow pace.

Upon reaching the summit, you’ll have time to admire the mountain views, take photos, and learn about the mountain gods from your guide. You’ll also participate in a small Andean ritual to honor the Apus, the mountain gods. Afterward, you’ll begin the 2.5-hour downhill trek back to Soraypampa, where transportation will be waiting to take you to Mollepata for lunch. Following lunch, you’ll continue with a two-hour drive back to Cusco, arriving at approximately 6:00 pm.

The Trip Cost Includes

  • This package includes round-trip transportation between Cusco and Soraypampa, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free journey to and from your destination. You’ll be picked up at a designated location in Cusco and transported to Soraypampa, then brought back to Cusco at the end of your adventure.
  • During the trip, you’ll be provided with a total of five meals, including two lunches, one dinner, and two breakfasts. All meals are prepared by experienced chefs, offering a taste of local cuisine and ensuring you stay fueled and energized throughout your adventure.
  • A professional tour guide will accompany your group, sharing their expert knowledge of the area and ensuring your safety during the excursion. They will also offer insights into local history, culture, and natural wonders, making the trip a truly enriching experience.
  • A comfortable sleeping bag will be provided for your use during the trip, ensuring you stay warm and cozy during the night. You won’t need to bring your own, which helps lighten your load while traveling.
  • The highlight of this package is the unique experience of spending one night in a Crystal Igloo. These transparent igloos offer stunning, unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape and sky, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the area. The Crystal Igloo also provides a comfortable and memorable overnight stay, making your trip even more special.

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • To provide a more comprehensive understanding of what is not included in this package, the following details are worth noting:
  • Firstly, the entrance fee to Humantay Lake, charged by the local government of Mollepata, is not included in the package cost. This fee is currently 20 soles per person and is paid on-site at the entrance to the lake. It is important to note that this fee is subject to change, and visitors are advised to check the latest fee before their trip.
  • Secondly, travel insurance is not included in this package. While all necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety of travelers, accidents or unforeseen events can occur during travel. To protect oneself from such situations, it is recommended to purchase travel insurance before embarking on the trip.
  • Additionally, any extra expenses incurred during the trip, such as personal purchases, additional meals or drinks not included in the package, or optional activities, are not covered in the package cost. Travelers are responsible for any such expenses.
How fit do I need to be to do this trek?

Annapurna Base Camp is a Grade B or a moderately difficult trekking route. So any fit person can do this trek, even if you do not have any previous experience. You should be aware of what to expect and mentally prepare for it. Then, as long as you will to, you can.

How long do we walk every day when doing Annapurna Base Camp trekking?

On average, you walk about 4 to 6 hours per day. One or two days can be as less as 3hrs and one or two days can be as long as 7hrs.

What is the highest altitude reached in this trek?

The highest altitude reached is 4190m. This is the elevation of Annapurna Base Camp. ABC is the highest we will climb in this trek.

What about battery charging and hot shower facilities?

Yes, you can charge batteries en route. Charger should be brought. There are hot shower facilities as well. You may have to pay certain amount for both ($1-$2). Negotiate. Also, hot water facility could be free at lower elevation.

Are there ATMs on the way to Annapurna Base Camp?

No. There are no ATMs on this trek route. You will have to draw enough cash in Pokhara or Kathmandu. There are a number of ATMs in these cities. Everything is paid in Nepali rupees. So money should be exchanged before the start of the trek.

What about internet access?

Yes. Internet can be accessed in most places. Sometimes, there might be some technical problems. Internet in Nepal is not as fast as you are used to and at times you can just lose connection.

Is it necessary to hire Guides/trekking agency for Annapurna Base Camp trekking?

Not really. It depends on you. If you want, ABC trekking can be done independently. You could hire a guide and a porter by yourself instead of going through an agency or not hire a guide at all. Although, not having a guide can be a little problematic during off season.

It really depends on you. Is it your first time in Nepal? How confident are you of being able to find your way around? How pressed on time are you? If you go through an agency, it will be costlier but everything will be planned. You will only have to come, trek and return.

How much do guides and porters cost?

For Annapurna region, pay for guides range from $20 to $30 per day and porters take $15 to $25 per day.

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